C is for Crayola Washables: Non-toxic Fun for Everyone

Crayola, oh crayola. You were there for us, back when we were young and wild and free. In those days, we admit - we were messy, rambunctious, and wanted to draw on whatever we could get our hands on - walls, clothes, our faces. Can you blame us? We simply wanted colour everywhere - and to think! For the first time in our lives, we could make art

This is exactly why, as adults, we so appreciate the non-toxic fun crayola washables brings to everyone - baby, toddler, and parents alike. Keeping babies safe, having fun, and exploring their imaginations with such a simple thing. And no worrying about stains or messes. Don't overlook the timeless - Crayola Washables are the best gift of all (because we all know how often the colour we were looking for the most mysteriously goes missing).

Fun Crayola Facts We Bet You Didn't Know:

  • The scent of a crayola crayon is one of the most recognizable scents for adults, ranking above cheese and bleach
  • Most crayola crayons are actually made in the USA
  • The first crayola original pack was created in 1903 
  • In 2000, the Crayola census revealed that "Blue" was the most popular colour, with "Cerulean" coming in second and "Purple Heart" third
  • Emerson Moser, Crayola's senior crayon moulder at the time in 1990, retired after 37 years - and revealed that he was colourblind the entire time

What's your favorite Crayola colour? Let us know!