E is for Every Moment: Enjoying and Treasuring Each Day

Ever feel like things are moving so quickly around you that you never seem to have a moment to slow down? As a new mom, dad, or friend or family member with a baby in your life, it's easy to let the moments slip away. We all get busy with the day to day, and we all sometimes feel like we're never enough, that there's never enough time, that we never have enough energy to do it all. 

But treasuring the moments is so important, even (and perhaps especially) on those days where you never feel like you have enough time and energy. 

Here at Parade, we do what we do because we think it's so important to treasure our children now, as they are. Our signature nickname rompers mean so much more to us than a few pretty frills - they represent who our children are (in the cutest way, of course!). 

When a customer walks into our Gastown shop with empty hands and walks away with a real, true reminder of the special baby in their lives - whether a sweetpea, peanut, or monkey - that means so much to us. Because we know that they've picked something that can only come from being present, from noticing, from knowing who that baby is. And that's something that stays for a lifetime.

Treasuring the moments and taking the time out to appreciate them is when memories are created, when bonds are strengthened, when love is in the right here, right now. 

How do you take the time to be present, to enjoy the moments, to live in the moment?