Q is for Quiet Time

The first few years of baby's life aren't exactly "peaceful", to say the least, and anyone whose been there and done that knows this. But introducing quiet time is important for not just mom and dad, but for baby as well. 

Make sure to turn off the tv and any music playing from the stereo or radio at specific times during the day so baby can explore, play, and enjoy time without all the extra noise - making settling down for nap and sleepytime an easier affair. 

You may be tempted to turn on some music to help baby relax, but try instead to give baby a tummy rub or some simple rocking and cuddling to get them to sleep without relying on noise. 

If you're finding it hard to put baby down for a nap or to sleep, try to make it a routine: schedule specific naptimes and making sure that quiet time comes right before. And for the rest of the day, make sure baby is active, learning and playing. 

Then while baby naps, it's your turn to enjoy some quiet time as well!

Do you have any tips for putting baby down to sleep, and getting some quiet time in? Let us know in the comments below!